Fire Department

Fire Trucks

The City of Marion Fire Department is a combination of paid and volunteer firefighters and is staffed by nine full-time and more than 25 volunteer members. Six of the paid personnel work shifts of 24 hours with 48 hours off-duty between shifts. The volunteer members supplement all activities of the paid personnel resulting in big savings for the taxpayer. The City of Marion is building, thanks in part to USDA and CDBG monies, a new fire substation on Sen. Gasque Road to serve east Marion residents, businesses and industries.

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The Fire Department has an ISO rating of Class 4. The Class 4 ISO rating entitles residential and commercial property owners to substantial savings on their fire property insurance premiums.

A new Fire Department substation is being built on Sen. Gasque Road to allow firefighters to better respond and serve east Marion citizens. The substation should be completed during the Spring of 2010.

Fire Department vehicles

  • Engine 1: 1995 KME Ford, 1,250 gpm pumper
  • Engine 3: 2003 KME Custom, 1,250 gpm pumper
  • Engine 4: 1972 American LaFrance, 1,000 gpm pumper
  • Ladder 1: 1997 KME 75 Arial, 1,500 gpm pumper
  • Service 1: 2008 Truck
  • Service 2: 1986 Pickup
  • Haz Mat Trailer
  • Fire Prevention Trailer
  • 2007 Customized Heavy Duty Rescue Unit
  • 2000 Ford F-350 4X4 Rescue Unit
  • 2008 Ford Type III Ambulance

The City of Marion is serviced throughout the city with fire hydrants. These are tested bi-annually by the Marion Fire Department and Water and Wastewater Department. Firefighters have a five-acre emergency training ground with drill tower, burn building, confined space training area, car fire prop, flammable liquid prop, drafting pit, and classroom building.

Fire Trucks

Personnel are trained in interior structural firefighting, medical first responder, hazardous materials incident mitigations, automobile extrication, confined space rescue, and fire prevention and inspections. The Department firefighters are trained at the Hazardous Materials Technician level and respond to all haz mat incidents in the County. Training is a high priority of the Department and members continuously received training and refresher training in firefighter skills and new techniques of firefighting.

Fire Safety Education

The City of Marion Fire Department is actively involved in the Community they serve. Firefighters give tours of the Fire Station and teach students about fire prevention. The Departments Fire Prevention program has an impressive puppet show program that they use for fire prevention programs at community events and at schools. The Department also provides speakers to conduct fire and life safety seminars and classes to local schools, community groups, businesses and industry.

Free Smoke Detectors

One of the newest programs being provided is the installation of free smoke detectors in homes in the city that have inoperable or no smoke detector. This project was made available through the FEMA Firefighter Assistance Grant. Plans are to install over 800 homes with an operable smoke detector with a 10-year lithium battery. During the installation, firefighters conduct home safety inspections to alert residents of potential hazards.

With the same grant, the Department purchased a Fire Safety House tha helps in providing fire safety and fire prevention training to children throughout the county.

If interested in volunteering with the Marion Fire Department, contact us at 843-423-8602.