Resting in the northeastern part of our state, we are distinctively Southern, sincerely friendly and charmingly historic! Whether in town for the day, or a longer stay, we invite you to visit anytime!

Make time for a quiet and reflective walk on one of our tree-lined streets, enjoy our two-mile hike-bike trail, or look for refreshment and that special gift in one of our many shops.

Visit Marion, South Carolina: Where history and hospitality greet you! Keep up with us every day by discovering us online at FACEBOOK!

The City of Marion’s Quarterly Town Hall Meeting will be held Monday, December 15, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at Marion Opera House.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this question and answer session and various leaders will be on hand to address residents’ concerns, issues and/or questions regarding the City of Marion.

Mayor Davis is asking that all committees, groups and organizations appoint a spokesperson to ask questions on their behalf.

Please join us as we move Marion forward, Through Unity We Succeed!
The Swamp Fox City Needs Your Support!